Log out – Utö (FIN)

The pdf project 2 (Feat. Mikko Hyvönen) – Madhouse, Helsinki (FIN)


Reset/Résidus#1#2 with Aurélie Pétrel  Jeune Création 2013, Centquatre, Paris (FRA)

Reset (Zodiak, Helsinki) with Aurélie Pétrel – Zodiak, Center for New Dance, Helsinki (FIN)

Studio – Zodiak, Center for New Dance, Helsinki (FIN)

Reset (Dance4, Nottingham) with Aurélie Pétrel – Dance4, Nottingham (UK)

The pdf project – on line


Ping Pong – Jojo, Choreographic Center, Oulu (FIN)

Jyväskylä (2012) movements, surfaces, games & other figures – UPM festival, Jyväskylä (FIN)

Sightseeing – Aeringur Festival, Rif (ISL)

Studio – Eden***** Studios, Berlin (DEU)

Derivation3 – Kiasma, Helsinki (FIN)


../..°..’N..°..’E/…2011 – Eden***** Studios, Berlin (DEU)

../..°..’N..°..’E/…2011 – Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio (FIN)

../..°..’N..°..’E/…2011 – Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi (FIN)

../..°..’N..°..’E/…2011 – Institut Finlandais, Paris (FRA)

« From copyrighted dance piece to derived works » – Transmediale 11, Berlin (DEU)


Hu Hsie Hsie – Beijing (CHN)

1/52°32’N13°25E/12062010 – K44, Berlin (DEU)

Whiteout – National Ballet of Finland, Helsinki Opera House, Helsinki (FIN)


Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac

Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac is a Finnish-French collaboration in between choreographer Simo Kellokumpu and theatre artist Vincent Roumagnac. Since 2010 the duo has been cooperating on experimentations on the complex notion of site-specificity.

Simo Kellokumpu

Simo Kellokumpu graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland’s MA programme in Choreography in 2003 and currently he is based in Helsinki. In autumn 2013 he started his post-graduate studies at the Performing Arts Research Centre (TUTKE) in the University of the Arts of Helsinki (Theatre Academy). In his artistic research the focus is on the relations, interconnectedness and reciprocity of choreography and context. The focus is on the question how a chosen cultural context operates as a choreographic apparatus.

Vincent Roumagnac

Vincent Roumagnac has an artistic background as theater artist (actor/director). After years of transdisciplinary experiments on theater and intermedial art via exhibitions, installations, performances Roumagnac investigates on plural temporalities of live representation engaging with the notion of heterochronic theater. Since 2010 he collaborates with Finnish choreographer Simo Kellokumpu and since 2012 with French visual artist Aurélie Pétrel. In 2015 he initiates a doctorate in artistic research at the Performing Arts Research Centre (TUTKE) in the University of the Arts of Helsinki (Theatre Academy). He is based in Helsinki.

facebook: Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac



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